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Here is another question and answer from the field that we like to post to help inform any others who might have the same question or give some additional information and ideas to those who might be considering the same thing:

Are you mixing the Kleenstart and Blend at the label prescribed quantities? When is the best time to apply to the problem area(s)?  One situation is an alfalfa field, the other corn that will be harvested in the fall.

The two mix fine together strait on a 1:1 ratio without any problems.  They should each be applied at the same dosage per acre/hectare to solve salt, hardpan or water penetration/retention problems.  The benefit of this mix is that you will have the short term benefit of the surfactants in Kleenstart to open up the ground and the longer term benefits of the Blend stimulating the biological activity to flocculate the clays.

This mix can be applied any time during the growing season, but is best applied as early in the season as possible and can be repeated every 15 to 30 days with greater lasting results.


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Huma Gro has launched a home garden retail product line “Fertil Gold“. This is an all-purpose liquid fertilizer that is designed to help the grow and bloom of vegetables, flowers, fruits and anything else you may have in your garden. You can order it now on Amazon and get Professional Grade liquid fertilizer for your home garden that is both effective and environmentally friendly.


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The following are pictures of an Onion Trial done in Idaho with Super Phos.

The first picture is of the grower standard using 15 gallons of 10-34-0.

The Second picture is of Onions treated with 7 gallons of 10-34-0 along with 2 quarts of Super Phos.

Note the improved root and leaf structure on the Super Phos treated Onions.

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Here are some pictures from the field of Super Nitro on corn in Northern Nevada. In the first picture Super Nitro was applied to the corn on the left side and granular fertilizer was applied to the corn on the right. The corn with Super Nitro is doing a lot better than the corn with the granular fertilizer. Also pictured is a aerator machine that also injects fertilizer that is being used with Super Nitro on turf.

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